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Who do we help?

  1. We help teens & young adults develop the confidence, skills, and tools they need in order to that manage stress & anxiety, navigate life transitions, and THRIVE in all aspects of their lives.

  2. We help working professionals experience Optimal Wellness by supporting their mental health, fitness, relationships, stress management, and healthy lifestyle.

  3. We help mature adults experience Healthy Aging by providing the guidance and support they need in order to optimize their approach to fitness and longevity.

  4. We help people navigate life challenges and make adjustments that allow them to THRIVE in all aspects of their lives!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people live the best lives they possibly can.


We do this by providing groups, services, and resources relating to all aspects of wellness including mental health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, relationships, and more.

Our Philosphy

We believe that having a foundation of wellness in the way we think, feel, eat, sleep, move, and communicate is essential for living a healthy and fulfilling life. That is why we are creating a one-stop-shop where we offer comprehensive guidance and support to help people improve their mental health, physical health, and build that foundation of wellness.

When I look at the major corporations/entities in the USA (food companies, our healthcare, overreliance on pharmaceuticals), I am deeply frustrated and saddened. I know that we can do better. I believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to have great lives, and there are simple actions and practices that we can use to help us do that. I believe it is our responsibility to take initiative to learn what we need to know, align our behaviors with our intentions, and generate the changes that we want to create in our lives. At the Maryland Wellness Center, we want to make that process easier for you. We want to do for you what others are failing to do: Provide the education, guidance, and support that will empower you to experience optimal wellness, and a better life. 

Meet our Founder

Sam Rosenblatt, often referred to as “Blatt,” is a licensed mental health counselor, certified personal trainer, and experienced yoga instructor. He was born and raised in Montgomery County where he attended Thomas Wootton High School before going on to earn a B.S. in Psychology and a M.Ed/Ed.S in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida.


Sam spent ten years in Gainesville, FL where he evolved both personally and professionally before making the heartfelt choice to return to Maryland to be closer to his family. When Sam is not in sessions with clients, he spends most of his time being physically active, preparing nutritious meals, and practicing yoga and qigong. Sam also enjoys sweaty sauna sessions, dancing to live music, connecting with family and friends, and learning about topics relating to health and wellness. Sam thoroughly enjoys working with clients and presenting talks and workshops on topics relating to mental health and wellness. He is particularly passionate about the integration between mind and body, and he enjoys teaching his clients to use myofascial release, active stretching, and breathing practices to improve how they are feeling both mentally and physically.


Sam believes that we each have a continuous opportunity to reflect, realign, and make adjustments that allow us to optimize our health, happiness, and well-being. He hopes to have a profound impact on the world by helping millions of people live the best lives they possibly can.


Sam Rosenblatt


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